Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Perspective

I know this blog has been sparse and kind of random. I have had a lot of things going on in life. I know I said that I would post things about games as well, and I haven't kept up.
I may change this blog into more specific topics instead of mixing it all in one. So I can talk about many topics without mixing context. Let me know if that sounds easier to read, or if you think wrapping everything up in one blog is best.

Anyway in this post I want to call attention to something a bit more serious.
I pulled some of this from a comment I made on the video itself, but I felt I needed to elaborate on that a bit more.

After watching this Ted Talk, I feel like I gained more perspective about myself in some way. I had a situation but it happened in a very short period of time and escalated much faster into a traumatic event. One I talked about in previous posts related to my anxiety, panic attacks, and P.T.S.D.
The situation she talks about is different in events, but similar in how a person can be manipulated and into these things. And why it happens.
I believe knowledge gives strength and becomes the tool to help ourselves, and others. So I feel this is something people should watch. Survivor or otherwise.

I sometimes think I was lucky that I tripped over this trap, got hurt, but then began to work on moving forward. Instead of get tangled up in it. I still deal with the aftermath but I have to believe it's better than being stuck and I feel lucky for that reason.
This talk has given me another perspective, I never thought of it as domestic violence. Instead I thought of it as an 'attack' because of the short duration with a traumatic ending. But every step she pointed out, from the manipulation standpoint, is almost the same. Only compressed down into a few weeks. So it can happen very quickly depending on the situation.

This has given me something to show friends and family who may not understand why I feel so cautions about some things. That's not to say they don't understand or that they are not supportive. But this may give some understanding why I sometimes think good intentions can have bad behind them. And why it's a work in progress to find a good balance.

Thanks Leslie.

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